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Serve Pharmacy

About Us

Serve Pharmacy provides the Medicare advantage for each of the patients and has been serving 24 hours since the establishment. Moreover, it was established on 1st February 1989 A.D. by Sarbajit Adhikari which was located at Prithivichowk. Firstly, the pharmacy was just opened up with primary facilities like X-Ray and Laboratory. But later on, it served as the pharmaceutical provider for customers along with Fewa City Hospital after the registration of the hospital at Srijanachowk since, 21st April 2000 A.D. It has been giving the best cure possible for the patients. Similarly, on 1st January 2009 the hospital gets their own property which is located at Nagdhunga-8, Pokhara.

Along with Serve Pharmacy, Babina Pharma Pvt. Ltd. works as the distributor of medicines and Serve Supplier imports the surgical goods and medical equipments.

Our Vision

We are in an age of unparalleled complexity in health care. It is not where patient care should be. While many of the care-providing companies also need to get much healthier too. This is where our vision for serving patients to improve care in every setting came into action which is giving specialized teams for each individual patient at a time. And we make this happen by touching virtually every aspect of healthcare.

We believe higher quality treatment occurs when health care organizations are truly healthy across settings. We provide the products, technology, and resources needed to operate more effectively, safely, and also reduce costs and improve the health of patients. We also encourage better health by promoting our communities, protecting our environment, and building sustainable value for our customers. At any given moment, at any given minute, we carry out thousands of vital operations simultaneously, which enhance our customer’s businesses and the lives of their patients. Besides, we want to serve our customers fully without any complications standing as one of the best online medical shops in Nepal.

Open Hours
  • Monday – Friday:8.00 – 17.00
  • Saturday:9.00 – 17.00
  • Sunday:9.00 – 17.00
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Our Services

Free Home Delivery

We offer free local delivery of prescription medications. Delivery is perfect for patients who have difficulty coming into the store for their medicines due to schedule, illness, or other reasons. We are happy to work with outside physician caregivers, nursing groups, and assisted living facilities.

Medication Synchronization

We are dedicated to helping patients keep organized and adhere to their prescription medication regimens. Medication Synchronization coordinates a patient’s prescriptions so all medications are filled on the same day each month.

Medication Reviews

Medication Reviews are offered to our patients by our pharmacists. These assessments are carried out dependent on the medication or conditions being treated. Reviews may be initiated by anyone: the patient, the patient's family, caregiver, the doctor, or if the pharmacist sees a need.

Telephone Follow-up

When a new prescription is picked up, your Serve Pharmacist will counsel you on the proper way to take it, how the medication works, expectations, side effects, etc.

Team Support

Serve Pharmacy provides its customers with medication and health care support. Every day, the work of the Serve Pharmacy teams throughout Pharmacy line positively impacts patient care in hospitals and communities.

Consulting Solutions

For nearly 32 years, Serve has delivered unparalleled healthcare consulting solutions paired with powerful analytics and unrivaled industry experts that give you the support needed to drive pharmacy excellence.