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  • Phosmid 50


    10 tablet(s) per strip

    Generic Name


    Phosmid 50 mg Tablet is an anticancer agent that is used alone or in combination with other medications for the treatment of different types of malignant cancers. It is also used to treat a kidney disease called nephrotic syndrome in pediatric patients who have not responded adequately to steroid treatments or if the steroids produce intolerable side effects.

  • Takfa


    10 tablets per stripe

    Generic Name: Tacrolimus Capsules IP

    The amount of Takfa 0.5 Capsule you take and how often you take it depends on the type of transplant you have, your body weight and what other medicines you are taking. Follow your doctor’s instructions carefully

  • Renolog


    10 Tablet(s) per strip

    Generic Name

    Alpha Ketoanalogue Tablets


  • Mycofit 500


     Per strip

    Generic Name

    Mycophenolate Mofetil

    Mycofit 500 mg Tablet is a potent immunosuppressive agent. It is used along with other medicines to prevent the body from rejecting an organ (kidney, heart, or liver) transplant.

  • Armilon


    10 Tablet(s) per strip

    Generic Name

    Anastrozole Tablets



  • Incumin


    10 tablet(s) per Strip

    Generic Name

    Nano curcumin


  • Erlonix 150


    30 Tablet(s) per strip

    Generic Name



  • G-Nib 250


    10 Tablet(s) per strip

    Generic Name

    Fefitinib Tablets

    G-Nib 250mg Tablet is used in the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer. It is used in patients in which it has spread to other parts of the body, who have abnormal epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) genes, and who have not had previous treatment for cancer.