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  • Electrobion (Jeevan-jal)


    The Electrobion is a WHO based ORS Sachet (Oral Rehydration Salt) used to treat water and fluid loss in the body due to diarrhea, vomiting, muscle cramping or exertional heat illness. Over exercising in hot or humid weather can lead to excess loss of liquids from the body. It is a combination of Dextrose and […]

  • ZINC-DT 20MG


    Generic Name: Zinc Sulphate Tablets 20 mg

    10 Tablet(s) per stripe

    Zinc-DT is dispersible tablet of elemental zinc which is indicated in acute and persistent diarrhea, lower respiratory tract infections, acrodermatitis enteropathica.

  • Citicol 500mg



    Generic Name: Citicoline Tablets


  • Darolac


    10 Tablet(s) per stripe

    Darolac is useful in condition like Indigestion caused by harm of the intestinal epithelium. This medicine boost stomach related tracts in the body.

  • Racadot


    15 Tablet(s) per strip

    Generic name: Racecadotril Capsules IP

    It is used for treatment of dairrohea.

    Studies have shown that racecadotril reduces the frequency and duration of acute diarrhea of both infectious and noninfectious origin.