Medical Devices and Equipment

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  • Flamingo Knee Cap

    • designed for joint damage or injuries like swelling and severe pain, cartilage thins, and tissue problems while stretching, collateral ligament tears/ spins, etc.
  • Chest Guard

    •  Gives warmth and gaurd the chest against cold
    • ldeal to wear bike riding to avoid the strong wind draft hitting the chest region & thus protection from infection due to cold & cough.
  • Clavicle Brace


    The clavicle support is ideal for clavicle features and postural problems. Bilateral underarm axillary pad cushioning to prevent excess pressure. Effective design for support, relief and speedy calcification of the fractured clavicle bone. Hook and loop closure for easy application and adjustment. Soft pad in posterior region to prevent skin abrasions.

  • Hard Collar


    It supports your neck and limits your neck moment.

  • Elastic Shoulder Immobilizer


    Generic name: Support

    It is recommended for conditions like dislocation or post-surgical immobilization.

    Elastic Shoulder Immobilizer gives you a great relief.

  • Stethoscope

    • an acoustic medical device for auscultation, or listening to internal sounds of an animal or human body.
  • ZerostatVT Spacer


    Short description:

    • Transparent zerostatVT spacer
    • With flow gate valve
    • Use only with cipla inhaler
  • Beclate 200 Inhaler


    Generic Name: Beclomethasone Dipropionate

  • Abdominal Belt


    Prescribed after medical procedure or after conveyance to help stomach district

    Gives comfort and improved flow during exercise

    It is additionally utilized as back help or post-usable belt

    Accessible in 5 sizes

  • Pelvic binder

    • Binds the pelvic region and reduces pain and movement during transfers by providing temporary stabilization
    • Recommended during pelvic fracture, laparotomy, angiography, trauma cases or during critical conditions
  • Vissco Invalid Elbow Crutches

    1,000.00 900.00

    Elbow crutches with double folding handle. It provide support to leg and can be handled with the hand.

    Weight:1.42 Kg

  • Heel cushion


    Flamingo Heel Cushion reduces impact on heel and shock waves to leg, knees, hips and back.
    Enhances shock absorbing properties of fat cells of heel.
    Relieves sore and aching heels more effectively.
    Flamingo Heel Cushion absorbs forces and pressure that aggravate heel pain and put an extra load on joints.

  • Abdominal Binder


    An abdominal binder that optimizes support for hernia in the abdominal injury, abdominal operations and avoids the complications of patients following the procedure. Abdominal binder that offers surgical assistance for rehabilitation of tummy tuck, liposuction, hysterectomy, hernia, bladder and kidney disorders, or other operations with the abdominal surgery.diastasis splint.postnatal belly wrap.umbilical hernia belt.postpartum.compression belt post […]

  • Fascial Dialator Set


    Used for fascial dilation of the ureter prior to ureteroscopy and / or stone manipulation. Refernce indiamart

  • Humapen Ergo II


    Humapen Ergo II is for use only with Human insulin or Humalog, 3 mL insulin. Also known as the ergonomic pen, the Humapen Ergo II is insulin delivery device created by Eli Lilly for the convenient self administration of insulin by diabetic patients. The the Humapen Ergo II pens deliver between 1 and 30 units of insulin in half-unit increments. the Humapen Ergo II pen is designed for used only to 3 years after which, it should be replaced . the Humapen Ergo II insulin pen injectors use short needles to deliver precise insulin doses, and are highly portable

  • Supra Cath Plus


    – The Romsons Supra Cath Plus Supra Pubic Balloon Catheter is designed for cystostomy and supra-pubic drainage – The foley catheter is manufactured from 100% silicone, non-toxic and non-irritant material – The super smooth catheter material ensures atraumatic intubation – These foley catheters has a symmetrical inflated balloon that is provided for self retention – The urinary catheter allows […]

  • Nebulizer Machine


    If you have asthma, your doctor may prescribe a nebulizer as treatment or breathing therapy. The device delivers the same types of medication as metered-dose inhalers (MDIs), which are the familiar pocket-sized inhalers. Nebulizers may be easier to use than MDIs, especially for children who aren’t old enough to properly use inhalers, or adults with […]



    CLEVER CHEK TD-4231 Blood Glucose Monitoring system is easy to use and accurate to manage your diabetes effectively. The system is intended for using outside the human body (in vitro diagnostic use) at home and in clinical settings. The results you get from our test system can help you and your healthcare professionals monitor and adjust your treatment plan to control your diabetes better.

  • Lacepull L.S. Belt


    lace pull l.S. Belt is an advanced brace designed with semi rigid back splints and multiple pulley driven tightening mechanism to deliver controlled and independent compression to attenuate lower back pain. It ergonomically braces the waist, requires very less force, to achieve high compression and immobilization. Recommended specifically for postoperative stabilization and multi-level decompression. Lace pull […]

  • Portable Nebulizer Machine


    Portable nebulizer compressors, also known as Hand Held Nebulizers, are unique units that can be carried around and used at will since they are completely battery powered. Many battery operated nebulizer compressors fit in the palm of your hand. These include such models like the Pari Trek and the DeVilbiss Traveler. And like larger stationary units, these smaller , portable nebulizers simply have nebulizer solution mixers and a mouth piece attached to a hose, which is attached to the portable machine so they effectively deliver medicated mist on demand.

  • PPE


    Generic Name

    Personal Protective Equipment

    Infection prevention and control measures include, among other measures: hand hygiene, personal protective equipment and waste management materials.
    The Protective equipment consists of garments placed to protect the health care workers or any other persons to get infected.
    These usually consist of standard precautions: gloves, mask, gown. If it is blood or airborne high infections, will include: Face protection, goggles and mask or faceshield, gloves, gown or coverall, head cover, rubber boots.

  • Thermal Gun

    • Digital Infrared Thermometer;
    • Non-contact forehead gun;
    • High accuracy of temperature measurements;
    • Provide two temperature modes:Body temperature&Surface temperature;
    • Fahrenheit scale and celsius scale for selection;
    • Provide sound notification of high body temperature(fever).