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  • Motivac


    Generic Name

    Neotomic enema

    Motivac enema helps in easy passage of stools. The bottle (for administering the dose) has a soft nozzle with sufficient length which facilitates easy introduction of drug into the rectum. Neotomic enema is indicated for constipation and to ease passage of stools.

  • Isolax Powder Orange Flavor 100g


    Generic Name: Isolax Natural Fiber Supplement

    Isolax contains the husk of seeds of the plantago ovata, popularly known as isabgol. Being a purely Ayurvedic medicine it is perfectly safe and free from harmful side effects nor it is habit forming, unlike chemical laxatives.

  • Evamed Syrup


    Generic name: Lacitol Monohydrate

    It treats chronic constipation.

    Prevent effect on liver faliure on brain by removing certain toxic chemicals from the blood.

  • Laxoluz Syrup


    Generic Name

    Lactuloase Solution

  • Livoluk


    Generic Name: Lactulose Solution USP

    It is used to treat

    • Constipation (infrequent bowel movements, hard and dry stools)
    • Hepatic encephalopathy (a liver disease causing confusion, tremor, decreased level of consciousness) which can lead to a hepatic coma
  • Smulax


    Generic Name: Lactulose Solution USP

    Smulax Liquid is a synthetic sugar used for the treatment of chronic constipation. Smulax Liquid is also used to prevent or treat certain brain conditions that are caused by liver failure, which can lead to confusion, problems, tremors, behaviour changes, feeling irritable, loss of coordination, sleep problems and loss of consciousness.


  • Duphalac


    Generic Name

    Lactulose Solution

    This medication is a laxative used to treat constipation. It may help to increase the number of bowel movements per day and the number of days you have a bowel movement. Lactulose is a colonic acidifier that works by increasing stool water content and softening the stool. It is a man-made sugar solution.