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Adhesive Tape

Adhesive Tape (Neotape)
Adhesive Tape (Neotape)

Adhesive Tape




Specification of the most common Adhesive Tape found in the market on the basis of its properties are as follows:

It is profoundly used for medical purposes in the health fields such as in hospitals, medicals, health care centres and other places. It can be used in your home as well as it is a common items found in our first aid kit.

It is available mostly in three colours white, brown and blue.

The form this tape is available varies in the materials it is made up of which are paper, foam, cottons and occlusive.

This tape is easy to use just like any other things we used to wrap or support something on our skin or wound above the skin surface. So it can put on the dry, sweaty or damp skin.

Because of its high adhesiveness and great quality, it has a perfect finish which shield the open wound from any infections.

They are waterproof.

Another wonder of this tape is its hypoallergenic as it has latex free acrylate adhesive.


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