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Ankle Binder

Ankle Binder


  • Supports weak ankles and ligaments
  • Relieves ankle pain and keep swelling down


Lower leg fastener is a powerful gadget to help, Compress and halfway immobilize the lower leg following lower leg sprain to control pain, oedema or irritation. Made out of two parts, elasticized wrap. Also, pressure sleeve, which is weaved on a 3 dimensional controlled roundabout weavers. Anatomically formed and decreased pressure on patella : no chondromalacia on delayed use, simple knee development and improved comfort. Elasticized enclose by figure of eight : improves lower leg steadiness, forestalls reversal or revultion wounds, permits controlled pressure and help with discomfort. Bi-layered, cotton within, a dermophillic interphase : improved comfort, better perspiration ingestion, no sensitivities or rash and better patient consistence. Bi-layered, nylon outwardly : guarantees long life, amazing feel, shading quickness, holds body heat successfully, accelerates mending and mollifies torment. Four-way stretchable texture : powerful pressure, upgraded comfort, no vaso tightening and modifies pressure even on lopsided distances across.



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