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Ankle Binder

Ankle Binder


  • Supports weak ankles and ligaments
  • Relieves ankle pain and keep swelling down
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Lower bead fix is a strong aid, compresses and halves the lower bead to help control discomfort, edema and inflammation following lower leg sprain. Elasticated wrap, made from two pieces. The pressure sleeve is also woven into a roundabout weaver that is operated in 3 dimensions. The strain on the patella was anatomically developed and decreased: no postpones in use, easy knee growth and improved comfort. Figure eight elasticated enclose enhances lower leg stability, forest reversal or revolution wounds, allow for controlled pressure and discomfort assistance. Bicolor, cotton inside, dermophillic interface: enhanced convenience, improved transpiration, no sensitivity or rash and improved consistency for patients. Outwardly nylon with two layers: guarantees long life, astonishing sensation, quick shading, successfully retains body heat, accelerates mending and molds torture. A stretchable four-sided texture: high stresses, increased comfort, no vaso strain, even at lopside distances.


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