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Generic Name: Purified Vero Cell Rabies Vaccine

Abhayrab is a rabies vaccine, which is used to protect people from the rabies virus. Rabies is a lethal disease for humans, resistant to treatment. Only a timely rabies vaccine can prevent death.


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Raby Vaccine – 1 Vial is a raby vaccine, used to guard people from the rabies virus. Use Abhayrab (Rabies Vaccine) Rabies is a treatment-resistant, fatal disease for humans. Only a prompt vaccine against rabies will prevent death.

The rabies of the Rhabdoviridae family was caused by a virus in the Lyssavirus genus. Wild animals and bats are the primary carriers of the disease. Species with a bite of an infected animal are spread by the infection. The virus travels through the nerve system and then enters the spine and cerebral cortex, which triggers encephalitis. The virus spreads into the blood after bite. The first signs begin 7-10 days after death. The cause of death is the paralysis of the respiratory centre. It is 10 days up to three to seven weeks for incubation.

Inactivated rabies vaccines are taken with a single dose of 1.0 ml according to the administration of Dosage and Administration Inactivation.  It contains at least 2.5 IU/mL (standard WHO dose) of the rabies virus antigen and is administered to adults and children at the same dosage. The reports of this medicine shows the side effects and weakness in people. The injection of vaccine is very painless.

Prevention Key

For prevention, 1,0 ml of inactivated rabies vaccine is used three times for sustainable immunity – the second dose is administered seven days after the first injection, while the third dose is prescribed 21 or 28 days after the first. 

Secondary preventative steps

When an animal has detected the bite of a non-vaccinated human, it must be determined whether or not the animal is infected with the rabies virus. Within 28 days, a person receives immunoglobulin and five vaccines for rabies if there is a possibility of contracture. Two days after bite, medications should hopefully begin.

Days 3, 7, 14 and 28, following the first injection, are given a 1 ml dose of inactivated rabies vaccine. The vaccine can be stopped if it has been decided that an animal is not affected.

Immunization (Vaccines)

The first day is the 1.0 ml dose of the vaccine, and the second dose is given in three days for people with elevated rabies virus risks. Increased development of some rabies virus anti-compounds is not recommended for rabies immunoglobulin.

Secondary Response

Either they have no adverse reactions or such symptoms are very rare in many of the existing vaccines. The most common side effects of rabies are attributable to certain patients’ intolerance to their components.

Injection side effects of rabies vaccine:

Injecting tenderness, redness, swelling, scratching, or discomfort (there are 30-74 percent of all patients vaccinated);

Headache, nausea, stomach ache and twitching muscle pain (occurs in 5-40 percent of all vaccinated patients).

More serious complications may include:

Hives, joint pain, fever (related to around 6% of cases);

Guillain-Barré syndrome is rare, with symptoms such as flaccid paresis, sensation disorders and autonomy disorder, all diminishing entirely in 12 weeks.

It is recommended that the doctor be consulted in any questionable situation.

Please be sure to comply with the following measures if any significant side effects happen:

Speak to your doctor right away.

Note the complication date, time and form.

A health facility or the local health center must prepare and send documentation for the case to the Vaccination Centre.


Preventive steps

Any contraindications to the vaccine should be detected before medical procedures. When vaccinating children with the following conditions, caution should be exercised:

HIV/AIDS related immunodeficiency disorders;


Side effects linked to prior immunization.




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