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Candid B Cream 30g

Candid B Cream 30g


Generic Name: Clotrimazole Cream I.P.

Candid B Cream is mainly used to prevent or treat skin infections and conditions like jock itch, ringworm infection. Rashes, itching, and burning sensation are some of the side effects seen with Candid B cream when applied in more than the prescribed amount. It should be totally avoided in case of allergic reactions and sensitive skin.




Candid B Cream is predominantly used to forestall or treat skin diseases and conditions like muscle head tingle, ringworm contamination. Rashes, tingling and consuming sensation are a portion of the results seen with Candid B cream, when applied in more than the recommended sum. It ought to be completely dodged if there should be an occurrence of unfavorably susceptible responses and touchy skin.

Candid B Cream Composition: Beclometasone skin (0.025%w/w) + Clotrimazole skin (1%w/w)

Produced by: Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Solution: Not needed as it is accessible as (Over the Counter) OTC medication.

Structure: Cream, salves, cleanser, drops and tablets

Value: Rs. 81.50 for 1 pack of 10 gm tube.

Expiry/Shelf Life: 2 years from the date of assembling

Kind of Drug: antifungal and steroidal.


Candid B Cream is utilized in the treatment of following conditions:

  • Oral infections: used to treat the contagious contamination of the oral depression (Candidiasis or Oral thrush)
  • Dermatitis: Used to treat irritation of the skin.
  • Skin rashes: Used to treat rashes on the skin because of reasons like diaper
  • Eczema: Used to treat skin conditions like Eczema
  • Inflammation: Used to treat instances of irritation of nose and external ear
  • Ringworm infection: Used in instances of ringworm disease
  • Disease of genital area: Used to treat aggravation and contamination of skin in the genital regions like skin of crotch locale, penis and vagina
  • Disease of unexposed skin area: Used to treat contagious contamination of unexposed skin regions like skin folds, armpits and between the toes
  • Others: Used to treat conditions or manifestations related with conditions like Athlete’s foot and feed fever.



Candid Cream 30g


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